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Middle school is an integral time for Faith development.  It is the time they begin to challenge and struggle with what their faith means to them.  Sunday evenings we take on that challenge by exploring different themes in a fun way that allows them to find answers without being embarrassed or intimidated.  We strive to teach them to LIVE the Bible out in their every day lives through activities, mission and discussion. We meet in the CYC for programming, however we ask that you drop off and pick-up from the gathering area.

What do Scrabble, Operation and Perfection have to do with God and the Bible?  Join us this winter and spring to find out!!  

Also, every spring the  youth of the church have a Youth Sunday where they are responsible for planning, and executing worship; from coffee/cookies to ushering to music to scripture and reflections.  We invite and encourage all youth to participate in this worship service.  God gave us all different gifts and we can use ALL  of them for Youth Sunday.

Join us for our Youth Sunday Meeting on January 31 to see where your gifts can be used!