Our Mission: The Children and Youth Program at Unity Presbyterian Church exist to teach, inspire and unite the children/youth and their families so they may develop their faith through exploring the scriptures, discussions, fellowship, service and connecting with others in their church, community, and world.

Our Vision: It is our desire at Unity Presbyterian Church to have children and youth become adults who remember the Holy seed which lives inside them in times of joy and trial, and therefore respond by sharing the love of God with others.

Our Goals: On Sunday mornings, are for children and youth to learn the stories of the Bible through storytelling, crafts and interactive exploration. On Sunday evenings, to teach the children how to apply the Bible and Christianity into their lives.  We do this through fellowship, mission, lessons and activities.

Sunday school is held at 9:45am-10:30 am each week in the Education Building for children ages 4yr-8th grade.  A nursery is also available for newborns thru 3 yr. old at both services.

Classroom locations-

Nursery– rm 115

3yr-4yr preschool class- rm 107

K-1st-grade class– rm 113

2nd-3rd-grade class-rm 207

4th-5th-grade class-rm 205

Middle school– rm 212

Sunday evening schedules can be found in the gathering area. We ask for safety reasons, please bring your child inside for drop off and pick up in the gathering area each week.

Regular Programming Schedule 

4:30-4:50pm– Recreation

4:50—5:00pm– Snack

5:00-6:00pm– Program





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