Pre-School – Children will

  • Interact with familiar Bible stories through storytelling, crafts, songs, puppets, drama
  • Recognize Christmas is a celebration for Jesus birthday and the story is found in the Bible
  • Identify that Jesus is God’s son and that He loves them

Kindergarten & First Grade – Children will

  • Learn the characters and stories of the Bible through age-appropriate stories, songs, and crafts.
  • Be involved in the creative telling and dramatizing of Bible stories.
  • Be encouraged to ask questions about the Bible readings and imagine what the Biblical characters might say if they could be there.


Second & Third Grade – Children will

  • Explore the contents of specific books of the Bible.
  • Compare and contrast their own personal life experiences to the stories they learn about in the Bible.
  • State the moral or lesson of specific stories being studied in the Bible.
  • Demonstrate an understanding that the Bible tells that God sent Jesus to earth because He loves all people.

 Fourth & Fifth Grade – Children will

  • Recognize the impact of the Bible on our faith.
  • Develop an in-depth understanding of familiar Bible stories.
  • Learn the importance of using the Bible as a guide for living.
  • Recite The Lord’s Prayer, 23 Psalm, and other favorite scriptures from memory.

Middle School – Youth will

  • Learn how the Bible stories are applied to modern day situations and how to apply them to their lives
  • Learn Bible verses through memory challenges
  • Learn through skits, puzzles, drawing, reading, storytelling, and other activities to connect the Bible and to help them remember what they are learning
  • Discuss the historical context of the Old and New Testament, using timelines and visuals to help in the process

High School – Youth will

  • Maintain and continue progress in the knowledge of the Bible
  • Lead peer group Bible devotions
  • Lead personal Bible devotion time
  • Study God’s word for application to their own lives