Pre-School – Children will

  • Show compassion and care by sharing and being kind to others
  • Contribute to 5 cents a meal offering, One great hour of sharing offering and VBS special offerings
  • Make paper cards and gifts for parents, family, and shut-ins

Kindergarten & First Grade – Children will

  • Discuss helping others from a biblical perspective.
  • Explore ways young children can serve in their communities.
  • Donate offerings during children’s time to help others and collect the Five Cents A Meal offering during worship
  • Participate in children’s service projects

Second & Third Grade – Children will

  • Discuss how to be kind, caring, and helpful to others from a Biblical perspective.
  • Participate in making cards for church members on the prayer list, to be mailed to their homes, throughout the year.
  • Participate in children’s service projects planned throughout the year.

Fourth & Fifth Grade – Children will

  • Learn about mission projects that help others here and around the world.
  • Participate in mission activities locally.
  • Support mission activities by giving of their time and talents.
  • Serve as ushers, welcome visitors, handout bulletins, collect offering, and other activities.
  • Visit nursing homes with parents and church family.

Middle School – Youth will

  • Participate in the CROP Walk and reflect on reasons for the event
  • Participate in the PYC events with youth of other churches
  • Participate in Dash-N-Go Christmas Mission event
  • Participate in Middle School mission trips and projects

High School – Youth will

  • Demonstrate their Christian values by their Mission/Service involvement in
    • Participating in inter-generational learning experiences
  • Demonstrate their Christian values by defining and using their gifts/talents
  • Help with MS youth night (guest speaker), VBS, Sunday school
  • Help with various events (staying focused on the Church calendar)
  • Plan and participate in national and international mission activities