Pre-School – Children will

  • Learn that prayer is talking to God and you are quiet and listen when others are praying aloud
  • Give thanks before eating snacks
  • Join in echo prayers with adult leaders
  • Be given the opportunity to add to group prayers

Kindergarten & First Grade – Children will

  • Learn to pray by following adult leadership through echo prayers, songs, etc.
  • Discuss what it means to pray.
  • Discuss different ways to pray.
  • Be introduced to The Lord’s Prayer.

Second & Third Grade – Children will

  • Learn reasons why we pray, and when we pray.
  • Engage in prayer by following adult leadership through listening and echo prayer.
  • Engage in silent personal prayer and oral group prayer.
  • Listen to and interpret the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Memorize the Lord’s Prayer and understand its meaning.

Fourth & Fifth Grade – Children will

  • Understand that prayer is a closer relationship with God.
  • Understand why we pray.
  • Value the importance of prayer.
  • Demonstrate the ability to pray individually and with and for others.
  • Be able to pray The Lord’s Prayer from memory.

Middle School – Youth will

  • Develop prayer as a source of comfort and reliability in our faith when problems weigh on our hearts
  • Make use of a devotional to stay connected throughout the week to God, through prayer and the Bible
  • Develop ability to pray for themselves, friends, family and world
  • Develop ability to pray publicly

High School – Youth will

  • Continue developing personal prayer (intimate and mindful)
  • Continue developing public prayer abilities (spiritual and shared)
  • Learn about different ways to experience prayer (songs, silence ,music)