Pre-School – Children will

  • Be baptized. Families will receive a Bible story book and certificate of Baptism. Family pictures will be posted on a bulletin board.
  • Begin to attend Sunday school with peers.

Kindergarten & First Grade – Children will

  • Be trained about donating offerings to help others and to collect the five cent a meal offering. They will collect the bags with the ushers at offering time.
  • Participate in children’s time during worship.

Second & Third Grade – Children will

  • Be trained in the sacraments of baptism and communion. They will hand out bulletins on baptism Sunday and collect communion cups at the end of communion service.
  • Memorize Bible verses including John 3:16. They will learn the Books of the Bible song and study the Lord’s Prayer.
  • Share what they have learned and memorized in Sunday School during worship service.
  • Learn the Doxology and sing during worship service
  • Receive a story Bible when entering third grade.

Fourth & Fifth Grade – Children will

  • Be trained as acolytes and serve as acolytes during worship.
  • Be recognized for developing skills in the use of the Bible. They will become familiar with the books of The Old and New Testament and develop skills in finding information in the Bible.
  • Memorize 23rd psalm, other Bible verses and stories. They will lead children’s time to share what they have learned with younger children.

Middle School – Youth will

  • Be encouraged to attend Confirmation training between 8th and 9th
  • Be welcomed into the middle school program with a special lock-in and ceremony.
  • Participate in Youth Sunday
  • Participate in middle school activities and retreats as offered by the Presbytery.

High School – Youth will

  • Participate in a welcoming middle school to high school event.
  • Participate and lead in Youth Sunday worship.
  • As graduating seniors, share faith experiences.
  • As graduating seniors, be recognized during a senior breakfast and be recognized during worship on Graduation Sunday.
  • Participate in the Montreat youth conference.
  • As graduating seniors will be partnered with a Church friend mentor to continue communication with Unity and the youth when they attend college or move away
  • Be selected to serve as youth elders or members of the Youth Advisory committee.